Baha’i Inspired Music

  1. Afshin Toufighian: Home (info) (download)
  2. Afshin Toufighian: Prayer of Change (info) (download)
  3. Boston Area Cluster: Guitar Solo by Mehron (info)
  4. Boston Area Cluster: He Who Puts His Trust in God (info)
  5. Boston Area Cluster: Improvisation (info)
  6. Boston Area Cluster: O Lord I Adore Thee (info)
  7. Boston Area Cluster: O My Beloved Friends (info)
  8. Boston Area Cluster: This Little Light of Mine (info)
  9. Boston Area Cluster: Thy Name is My Healing (info)
  10. Boston Area Cluster: We Are Marching in the Light of God (info)
  11. Boston Praise Collective: Lord of All (info)
  12. Boston Praise Collective: Prairie (info)
  13. Boston Praise Collective: Ya-Baha (info)
  14. Devon Gundry: Armed (info)
  15. Devon Gundry: At the Top of My Lungs (info)
  16. Devon Gundry: We All Want to Be Beautiful (info)
  17. Infiniti Music: The Meek (info) (download)
  18. Katrinka Heyman: When One is Released (info) (download)
  19. Kelsey Bulkin: Here Am I (info) (download)
  20. Kelsey Bulkin: Soldier of Light (info) (download)
  21. Kelsey Bulkin: Whirlpool (info) (download)
  22. Kelsey Bulkin: Your Heart (info) (download)
  23. ollie: No constraints (info) (download)
  24. ollie: Too fast (info) (download)
  25. Voices of Glory: My God, My Adored One (info) (download)
  26. Voices of Glory: My God is Holy (info) (download)
  27. Voices of Glory: There’s No Time to Lose (info) (download)
  28. Voices of Glory: Unite the Hearts of Thy Servants (info) (download)
  29. Voices of Glory: Whoso Openeth His Lips (info) (download)
  30. YouNoYou: Healing Prayer (info) (download) © 2016